Jennifer Garner and a Little Mother/Daughter Photo Throwback

March 19, 2015

For this, my first Throwback Thursday post, I was inspired by an interview I saw on the Today Show. Jennifer Garner was promoting her new movie, Danny Collins, and she got to talking about a photo shoot she did with her mom and sisters. When the host asked her about it, she started to tear up as she described how special it was to share the experience with them. It was very sweet, you should watch it if you have a moment (here).


Seriously, how pretty are they?! (source)

It got me thinking about a photo shoot that I had with my mom and sister when I was in college. Lauren (my sis) and I scheduled the shoot as a Mother’s Day present (or maybe it was for Mom’s birthday, I can’t remember). I was nervous that she wouldn’t be into the idea, because she’s always the one behind the camera taking photos of us. It took a little bit of convincing, but soon she was on board.

My mom is the kind of person who puts everyone else first and never worries about herself. So, for us, it was nice putting her in the spotlight (literally). I remember one time, when we were little, my mom got a bonus at work. Instead of spending the money on herself, she came home and announced to Lauren and I that she was taking us out to buy party dresses! That’s just the kind of mom she is, she works tirelessly taking care of everyone in her life and making sure that we all have special presents and memories. So, it was nice to be able to plan something special for her for once.

I love those photos! I have had at least one hanging in every apartment I’ve lived in since they were shot. They are so precious to me because they represent a time in our lives that was very special. Before husbands, babies and everything else, it was just the three of us. Now our family of ladies has grown with the addition of my niece, Hazel, and her little sister who is due this May (I can’t wait!!)

I sincerely hope that I can create images for my clients that they will cherish in the same way that I cherish those photos with my mom and sister. Mother/Daughter sessions are my favorite genre to shoot. There’s something about that bond that I can’t quite articulate. It’s priceless and I, for one, feel very lucky to get the opportunity to capture it.

OK OK, I know you are dying to see it, so here’s a shot from my own mother/daughter session (from 2006!)


Wow, check out my gigantically long arm! Seriously, I think it’s at least 20% longer than an arm should be. And that saggy backdrop- yikes! It’s definitely time to get some new ones taken!



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