Funny Feedback – Chicago Portraits

April 28, 2015

Beauty Portraits, Chicago Portrait Photographer

I have said it before and I will say it again- I have the best clients. I love working with women. I am continually inspired by their stories, their careers, their strengths, accomplishments and their humor. It makes my job so fun.

Kate was one of my favorite Beauty Portrait clients (Just kidding, I don’t really have favorites…OK maybe I do.) She was tons of fun to shoot- super relaxed and easy. She is the co-founder of a group called Women Working in Mixed Media. In their own words, “Women Working in Mixed Media works to connect professional women and small business owners without the awkward card swapping stuff. ”

I’ve been lucky enough to attend and shoot some of their events and they are a fantastic group! They bring like-minded women together to swap ideas, learn from one another and inspire each other. Check out their site, if you have a chance (here).

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was chatting with Kate and she gave me some funny feedback about her session. She said,

“As soon as I started using the picture you took, instead of the one with me in a jean jacket holding a beer, all my dates income levels seriously shot up. It basically went from bartenders and musicians to consultants and accountants.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Thanks Kate! I do what I can 😉


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